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5. The Realism Stage
The stage of realism is entered when the child is producing art work in the manner of adult artists. In general, the child is 12 or older. Considerable control over the medium, content, and organization is evident. The figures become natural in appearance, or are intentionally stylized. The consistent use of many organizational devices is also quite evident in the art work produced during this stage, such as overlapping, diminishing size, placement on the picture plane, and linear and aerial perspective. It is at this stage that the child becomes most critical and self conscious about their ability to produce realistic artwork.

The Johannesburg International Motor Show, originally scheduled to be held at Expo Centre from 14th October, 2015 through 27th October, 2015 will not take place. This follows a decision by NAAMSA Chief Executives at a meeting in Johannesburg on 16th April, 2015. The costs of automotive exhibitions have risen disproportionately and this has called into question the return on investment for exhibitors. Internationally, in recent years, concerns about affordability and…

The additional genetic material which causes Down syndrome can originate from either the mother or the father, with approximately 5% of cases having been traced to the latter.

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In 2016, 61 percent of fatally injured motorcycle drivers were helmeted. Helmet use was lower, at 44 percent, for people killed as passengers on motorcycles.

Easterseals is a partner in your child's wellness, supporting their growth and happiness through life's earliest developmental milestones.

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Age Of Chance The Motor CityAge Of Chance The Motor CityAge Of Chance The Motor CityAge Of Chance The Motor City