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J AB v. to poke or stab
JAG v. to pierce (n. JAGGER)
JAI interj. to victory
JAK n. an East Indian tree
JAM v. to block up (n. JAMMER)
JAP v. to apply a black lacquer to
(also JAPAN)
JAR v. to vibrate unpleasantly
JAW v. to chatter at length
JAY n. a bird of the crow family
JEE v. to urge horses on (also GEE)
JET adj. black
v. to spurt a stream of liquid
JEU n. a game (pl. JEUX)
JEW v. obsolete offensive word for haggle
JIB v. to show objection
JIG v. to dance a lively dance
JIN n. a mythical Muslim being
JIZ n. a wig (also GIZZ; pl. JIZZES)
JOB v. to do piece work (n. JOBBER)
JOE n. a Scottish sweetheart (also JO)
JOG v. to run at a slow, steady pace
JOL v. to have a good time
JOR n. the 2nd movement in Hindu music
JOT v. to note down (n. JOTTER)
JOW v. to toll a bell
JOY v. (obs.) to rejoice
JUD n. a mass of coal
JUG v. to stew in a closed pottery jar
JUN n. a coin of North Korea
JUS n. (Latin) a law or legal right
(pl. JURA)
JUT v. to project

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In Crowd Sha La La La LeeIn Crowd Sha La La La LeeIn Crowd Sha La La La LeeIn Crowd Sha La La La Lee