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"I know how this is going to end, and the despair and the dismay of the families standing out there whose safety we need to protect, and we don't do it. I am really chagrined," said Feinstein, who argued that lawmakers with six-year terms should have the fortitude to take tough votes.

However, there's no existing precedent in modern times, so this would be something to watch closely. If the committee recommends expulsion, then it would have to go to the Senate floor for a vote, and 67 senators would have to vote for that. So that's 19 Republicans, if you assume all 48 Democrats would take that vote.

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Saskatchewan Sen. Denise Batters’ office did respond to our request. Her policy advisor, Lana Fawcett Helman wrote us: “As I’m sure you can appreciate, we don’t release Sen. Batters’ schedule publicly for security reasons. When events occur to which the media is invited, a media advisory would be issued in advance.”

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"You never know, maybe one day I'll be back, but it was an honor to have played for [Avalanche general manager] Joe [Sakic] and Patty [former Avalanche coach Patrick Roy] and played with [Peter] Forsberg and all those guys. That was something I dreamt about as a kid and I got to live it, so I feel nothing but privileged and I'm really excited for this new challenge in Ottawa. I'm excited to get there."

What happens next is that the candidate with the least number of votes is excluded and then next least and so on. Let’s say that there are 25 “microparties” all with an average of % of the first preference vote, which totals to 10% overall. And let’s say that some of the minor parties like the Palmer United Party , the Sex Party and Family First get around 2% each.

Senators When Day Is DoneSenators When Day Is DoneSenators When Day Is DoneSenators When Day Is Done