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For details about how lasers are generated, read the details in the link above. An important fact to note is that the laser generator has to be "pumped" by filling it with a higher energy/shorter wavelength compared to the laser beam that will emerge. You cannot pump it with the same wavelength as the result beam, or the act of pumping the laser will simultaneously stimulate emission, and you'll never get anywhere.

By the day before the party, it was clear that the promotional campaign had worked well — perhaps too well. Van Furche' explains, “Back then there was KMET-FM radio, and on Fridays and Saturdays if anything was happening in town they’d always announce it over the radio. Somehow, one of my flyers had gotten over there, and over the air they said, ‘Hey, Van Halen’s playing this weekend on Arden and Oak Grove.’”

The Tedeschi Trucks Band will play Red Rocks on July 29 and 30. Medeski, Martin & Wood keyboardist John Medeski will sit-in with the group on the 29th, while Widespread Panic frontman John Bell will be the TTB’s guest on the 30th. The Wood Brothers and Hot Tuna will open both concerts.

In this study, 31 empirical equations are summarized that relate unconfined compressive strength and internal friction angle of sedimentary rocks (sandstone, shale, and limestone and dolomite) to physical properties (such as velocity, modulus, and porosity). These equations can be used to estimate rock strength from parameters measurable with geophysical well logs. The ability of these equations to fit laboratory-measured strength and physical property data that were compiled from the literature is reviewed. Results from this study can be useful for petroleum industry when a range of geomechanical problems such as wellbore stability and in-situ stress measurements should be addressed without direct strength information available. While some equations work reasonably well (for example, some strength–porosity relationships for sandstone and shale), rock strength variations with individual physical property measurements scatter considerably, indicating that most of the empirical equations are not sufficiently generic to fit all the data published on rock strength and physical properties. This emphasizes the importance of local calibration before one utilizes any of the empirical relationships presented. Nonetheless, some reasonable correlations can be found between geophysical properties and rock strength that can be useful for applications related to wellbore stability where having a lower bound estimate of in situ rock strength is especially useful.

Tropospheric scatter : The only form of propagation that is directly influenced by the surface weather of the earth. Our troposphere (0-10km altitude) is composed of layers of air having different temperatures and moisture contents. When a sharp transition, called an inversion, appears between a cold dry layer and a warm moist layer of air, this transition causes refraction of radio waves. This is analogous to the refraction caused by the transition between water and air. For instance, when you put a stick into the water, it looks like it is bent. This same type of refraction occurs when a radio wave travels through a climate inversion; if the inversion is strong enough, radio waves can be refracted back to the surface of the earth after traveling significant distances (up to several hundred kilometers on the 6m band). Finally, this propagation effect is seen most often in the VHF and UHF bands, especially the 6m band.

Scatter Rocks Band African WomanScatter Rocks Band African WomanScatter Rocks Band African WomanScatter Rocks Band African Woman