Shades time for change - Before 50 Shades: Photographs of the S&M Underground.

It was super nerve-wracking – I spent most of November interviewing and obsessing over it, but I beat out 43 other people for a wonderful position at a local plant company and started working there at the end of November.  It felt great to quit my retail merchandising job.  Zero regrets.  And my new job is so good!  I work as a grower in greenhouses closed to the public, so it’s just me and other staff members.  Everyone is super nice, and the company takes care of its employees.  I feel cared about there, not just like another number in the system, even though I just started and no one really knows me yet.  My work days are a lot longer than they used to be and I don’t have much personal time during the week, but I’m a lot happier and much less stressed.  And my whole job is plants!  Yay plants!

Shades Time For ChangeShades Time For ChangeShades Time For ChangeShades Time For Change