Mouth love me or ill kill you - Help Me! lots of mouth ulcers and white tongue

Do you have or think you have perioral dermatitis?  Share your experience with us by commenting below.  I would really love to hear from health care providers to see if there is any link to those work environments and and the development of this condition.

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You may be interested in an answer written by ATTRACT ( a clinical query answering service for primary care professionals in Wales) on “pine mouth”. This includes a link to a recent press release from the Food Standards Agency who are collecting reports on the issue. This is available to view at

The metabolites get released from where they’re stored over time and thus get into our blood stream and then into saliva, hair and urine.

Our younger 3 had it last Fall. We didn’t realize what it was until our youngest one had it. They appeared to be fever blisters and that is what we had assumed. So my older ones didn’t get anything, however the peppermint tea, lemon, or garlic wouldn’t even be possible. I had a hard time just getting them to drink water because the blisters in the mouth. I think that clove oil would have been much more effective and probably would of killed it rather fast.

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Mouth Love Me Or Ill Kill YouMouth Love Me Or Ill Kill YouMouth Love Me Or Ill Kill YouMouth Love Me Or Ill Kill You