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Green Gables…. Sunnybrook Farm….. Ponderosa Ranch….. Misselthwaite Manor….. With so many good names out there, why is it so tricky to pick out a name for your ...

by Nick Morgan
The Barbican, London, March 9th 2010

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32A Springfield Road, Brighton
East Sussex BN1 6DA, England

T: 44 (0) 20 8941 7146
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On the cool, wooded shores of unsullied Squam Lake—where Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda summered in On Golden Pond—these two adjacent camps were founded at the end of the 19th century as rustic, wholesome retreats for city families. Now merged, they continue to thrive, thanks to clans who return each summer to stay in one of 61 weathered pine cottages, all of which have fireplaces, plenty of twin beds, antique iceboxes (ice blocks cut in winter from Squam Lake are delivered daily), and their own docks. Days are spent on the lake, in the woods, and on the clay tennis courts. There are also organized kids' activities. Guests take their meals in two dining halls near the lake. Take note: cabin bookings are doled out according to a point system based on seniority and generational connections. New families hoping to break in should jump at any available week offered—most likely early or very late summer. Rte. 113, Holderness; 603/968-3313; three-person cabins from $2,870 a week (kids 2—5, $; over 6, $595), including all meals; no credit cards.

Farmyard Back To FrontingFarmyard Back To FrontingFarmyard Back To FrontingFarmyard Back To Fronting