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By June, Napoleon had raised a total army strength of about 300,000 men. The force at his disposal at Waterloo was less than one third that size, but the rank and file were nearly all loyal and experienced soldiers. [17] Napoleon divided his army into a left wing commanded by Marshal Ney , a right wing commanded by Marshal Grouchy and a reserve under his command (although all three elements remained close enough to support one another). Crossing the frontier near Charleroi before dawn on 15 June, the French rapidly overran Coalition outposts , securing Napoleon's "central position" between Wellington's and Bl├╝cher's armies. He hoped this would prevent them from combining, and he would be able to destroy first the Prussian's army, then Wellington's.

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While these figures are a master class in the art of sculpting they suffer some frustrating errors in accuracy, made all the worse by the box artwork, which is without fault and again suggests the artist knows his business better than the figure designer. However all the errors are fairly minor and with some work there is plenty of scope for utilising most of these figures for many armies of the period. Definitely a boon for those interested in Napoleonic warfare and well worth getting hold of.

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At the end of series two, a few cast members who had previously received main billing had departed. The third series featured several new cast members, alongside several more departures. Jason Merrells starred in the first six episodes of the third series, before leaving the show. To replace him on-screen in the role of Head of Waterloo Road, Eva Pope was cast as Waterloo Road's newest Head teacher with a past. Andrew Treneman , having played Deputy Head in the first two series, was replaced by Neil Morrissey who was cast in the role of Eddie Lawson. Other new members of staff this series included NQT teacher Jasmine Koreshi (Shabana Bakhsk) and the newly appointed openly gay Head of Music and Drama Matt Wilding (Chris Geere). Pupils introduced in the third series included popular girls Aleesha Dillon (played by Lauren Thomas) and Danielle Harker (played by Lucy Dixon ), Karla Bentham (played by Jessica Baglow), who has Asperger syndrome , the troubled Paul Langley (played by Thomas Milner), Bolton Smilie (played by Tachia Newall) and loud and proud pupil Michaela White (played by Zaraah Abrahams ).

After the first strengthenments of Napoleon’s wings and the Prussian army of Blucher as well as the French troops and the Quatre Bras, Wellington personally arrived at the battlefield. He took the command of the armies of the Coalition and drove Ney back. However, Ney’s wing was able to secure the crossroads of Quatre Bras during the early evening and it is too late for the Coalition to send help to the Prussian’s army, thus resulting to defeat of the Prussian’s army at the Battler of Ligny. The defeat of the Prussian army made the position of Wellington at Quatre Bras unsustainable. Because of this, he withdrew towards north the very next day. Before Wellington had acquired his defensive position, he had personally scouted the low ridge of Mont St Jean the previous year. The mont was a south village of the Waterloo and Forest of Soignes.

The soldiers don't have a plastic base to stand on but instead, they have a metal pin to place them easily in your battlefield made out of softboard and papermach├ę

Waterloo Meet AgainWaterloo Meet AgainWaterloo Meet AgainWaterloo Meet Again