Lionel hampton and his orchestra hamps golden favorites - Limited Edition Jazz Collections -

As the trends Hampton helped bring to the surface continued to evolve, Hampton was, inevitably, left behind by the times. He never really went away though, just transitioned into an elder statesman kind of role, still playing every chance he got for the sheer love of it until the 1990s, when his health began to fail him. Before he finally passed in 2002, he had received just about every award or token of recognition possible: numerous honorary degrees and hall of fame inductions, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a Kennedy Center Honor, and a National Medal of Arts just to name a few. Hell, he even agreed to donate his most cherished Vibraphone to the Smithsonian museum, a meaningful affirmation of the way in which he and his favorite instrument were almost synonymous. Had he stuck only to the drums, Hampton would still probably be remembered as one of the greats, he was just that kind of exuberant, uncontainable performer, but it was his decision to embrace something new and different, to experiment and explore, that set him apart. He could have been one masterful drummer among many, but he took a chance and ended up with a much more unique title, the undisputed "King of the Vibes".

The original portion of the house, probably built in 1723, was the family home of "Deacon" Daniel Osborn.  His son Jonathan inherited the house and made additions in 1760.  The house was owned successively by his sons Joseph and Sylvanus, his grandson Edward E. Gardiner, and their descendants until the mid-20th century.

Tracks 20-28 are edited tracks from a 12" 78 rpm record, recorded in 1950 and sent to radio stations to help promote the album release. [5]

This exhibition takes place during the Glass Art Society’s (GAS) annual conference hosted by the Chrysler Museum and thematically titled, Reflections from the Edge: Glass and Art Performance.  In this collaboration with regional venues, the VAC presents works by TCC graduates and Chrysler Museum glass studio assistants that are highly varied and depict current trends in this popular medium.  Joint festivities will take place on June 4 with the adjacent Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center. For more information, please call 757- 822-1888 or visit /vac/ .

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Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra Hamps Golden FavoritesLionel Hampton And His Orchestra Hamps Golden FavoritesLionel Hampton And His Orchestra Hamps Golden FavoritesLionel Hampton And His Orchestra Hamps Golden Favorites