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It was along the White River that leadership became further centralized and a new, religiously conservative Delaware government emerged. A revitalization movement took place among the Delaware settled along the White River that institutionalized a renewed sense of Delaware identity in opposition to Christianity. The new leadership blamed the Christian influence for the Delaware’s inability to defeat the Americans. Missionaries were banned from Delaware lands, and the clan chiefs selected to govern were those men who were also ceremonial leaders and visionaries within the revitalized Big House Ceremony. Clan membership still determined the appropriate leaders, but now participation in the Big House Ceremony further strengthened one’s ability to gain support within the clan (A. Wallace 1956:16; J. Miller 1994:246-247). During the settlement along the White River the Delaware began to recognize the ascendancy of a principal chief among the clan chiefs as the Delaware elevated Chief Anderson’s position from a first among equals to the position of principal or head chief (Cranor 1991:5).

This placed Jerusalem as a city within the original allotment of the tribe of Benjamin. The city would quickly become absorbed and adopted by the tribe of Judah, and indeed listed as a Judahite city in another town list.

Yann’s values are aligned to Tribe Theme 1 – Environment & Ecology. Having regularly travelled around Asia and lived in Western Africa, Yann believes environmental issues are directly impacting the well-being of individuals around the world and are growing in prevalence. Yann also believes that whilst some businesses may contribute to these pressures, many if not most are, at the same time, part of the solution and delivering value. That is why Yann is passionate about helping redirect capital to those companies creating positive impact. Yann has worked mainly in Switzerland for Zoï Environment Network, Ethos and Aonyx.

An opportunity of rebellion which presented itself when Seelah Korsin set off her plan for revenge against Korsin in order to put Devore's son, Jariad, on the throne of Kesh. The young High Lord had discreetly united the former allies of his father and Sith convinced by rumors about the incompetence of the Grand Lord into his corps of Sith Sabers , while Seelah monitored Nida , the despised daughter that she had with Korsin, ensuring that she was not properly trained and away from the capital so she couldn't become a rival to her half-brother. Taking advantage of a the visit of the temple by Yaru Korsin, who came to make sure everything was in order after the departure of the last Sith to Tahv, Seelah launched the attack with Jariad and his Sabers, while the Keshiri resistance, using Seelah as a decoy, went into action. Accompanied by Gloyd and four bodyguards, Yaru Korsin was surrounded by two dozen of Sith Sabers led by his treacherous relatives, when the theft of the Sith Temple uvaks by the Keshiri, allowed him to gain a little time. [13]

Series 2 shows a much more overarching plot. The focus is less on the inner struggles of the Mall Rats, and more on their struggles as part of the many Tribes that make up the City. The series begins with the Mall Rats dealing with the loss of Amber and Zandra who are killed in an explosion on Eagle Mountain. Bray is distraught, but soldiers on. Lex takes the opposite route, spiralling into alcoholism, and even attempting to rape Salene. This results in his being kicked out of the Tribe until Ryan goes to look for him.

The Emperor summons before him Bodhidharma and asks: “Master, I have been tolerant of innumerable gays, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, transgender people, and Jews. How many Virtue Points have I earned for my meritorious deeds?”

Series 5 : Alice is seen for the last time at the end of Series 5. She is held up in a cage on a beach, along with KC [13] and the Guardian, who seems to have completely lost his mind. She was also written into the cancelled Series 6. [14]

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Vampires have been sprouting up in unusual places since the release of Stephenie Meyers Twilight Saga. I recently received a report as of yesterday by a girl only identified by her first name of Taylor that vampires are roaming the halls of Westwood Middle School in Gainesville. I usually don't pay much attention to such reports but given the specifics of the case has given me pause for thought. Just what do these vampires want? She stated they were particularity concerned about their sharp teeth, hopefully they have good dental hygiene habits. Ensuring … [Read More...]

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