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Julian enjoyed the luxurious fruits of his hedonistic lifestyle (Giorgio Armani silks and linens, a black Mercedes 450SL convertible) and his Westwood apartment. Kaye bedded down affluent older women, widows, rich housewives, beach girls ( Playboy Playmate of May 1979 Michele Drake and Linda Horn), and foreign tourists.

What makes you lose your temper?
People that are around me that are energy-suckers or someone that is not driven the same way I'm driven. Can't have that around me. Life is too short.

Hendrix was known for a lot of beautiful chord embellishments on Little Wing, the grit of the solo in Voodoo Child screaming off of his strat pickups , his cover of the Dylan song All Along The Watchtower, and the backwards solo in Castles Made of Sand, but known as a great innovative guitar player over and over again . His short but explosive career influenced numerous artists for many years past his death and continues to influence musicians today. To make such a difference in such a short amount of time truly earns Jimi a spot as number two. But…then you may ask, “Who is deserving of number one?!”

Carrie Underwood released Undo It in 2010 and the song instantly became a fan favorite. Carrie takes on her self-described mean side as she sings about a past relationship she wished had never occurred. Undo It tells the story of a guy that stole time, energy and happiness from a girl. Many feel this emotion at some point in their life and it can make you feel like you could have all the time back once thins are finally over. It’s a rocking tune for perhaps the greatest female country artist of all time.

Walt Disney entered into television production as early as 1950 . By 1954 , he had his own weekly anthology TV series, called Disneyland , on ABC . In 1961 , after a disagreement, Disney changed his loyalties to NBC and added color to the mix and renamed the show Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color . In order to introduce this new feature, his company also created the brainy Austrian scientist Ludwig Von Drake. Additionally, Walt also viewed the new character as a way to keep animators around the studio busy with new content; he called upon seven of the legendary Nine Old Men to handle the animation for Ludwig's debut episode. He was originally designed and animated by legendary animators Milt Kahl and Ward Kimball . Kahl was said to have been inspired in part by Picasso when finalizing Ludwig's design. Von Drake's raspy, Austrian-accented voice was provided by Paul Frees , who was also well-known as the voice behind the Ghost Host in Disneyland 's The Haunted Mansion attraction. Walt gave Frees a hefty amount of freedom and liberty when it came to shaping Von Drake's personality, as ad-libbing was encouraged, much of which was added to the script.

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Pete Drake The Greatest Steel Guitar In The WorldPete Drake The Greatest Steel Guitar In The WorldPete Drake The Greatest Steel Guitar In The WorldPete Drake The Greatest Steel Guitar In The World