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The Heckler & Koch P9S is the standard sidearm of the Detroit Police Department in the movie. Lewis is seen giving a P9S to Murphy during the van chase and Murphy uses it during the shootout with Clarence Boddicker's men (although it appears that she carries a SIG later). Later on the station range, we see many police officers firing their P9s, indicating clearly that this weapon is their standard-issue. Several SWAT officers who open fire on RoboCop use the P9S as well.

Space Shuttle abort modes were procedures by which the nominal launch of the NASA Space Shuttle could be terminated. A pad abort occurred after ignition of the ...

My next recollection was a hazy thought that I was having a bad dream. Maybe I’ll wake up and get out of this mess, I mused. Gradually regaining consciousness, I realized this was no dream; it had really happened. That also was disturbing, because I could not have survived what had just happened. Therefore, I must be dead. Since I didn’t feel bad–just a detached sense of euphoria–I decided being dead wasn’t so bad after all. AS FULL AWARENESS took hold, I realized I was not dead, but had somehow separated from the airplane. I had no idea how this could have happened; I hadn’t initiated an ejection. The sound of rushing air and what sounded like straps flapping in the wind confirmed I was falling, but I couldn’t see anything. My pressure suit’s face plate had frozen over and I was staring at a layer of ice.

TV Source should be set to Video Audio R / L Video Connecting to a device with SCART output TV Source should be set to SCART SCART SCART RF OUT RF IN RF IN Helpline No UK. 0871 2000 463 ROI. 01443 3940 Web Support: -...

A transoceanic abort landing (TAL) involved landing at a predetermined location in Africa, western Europe or the Atlantic Ocean (at Lajes Field in the Azores ) about 25 to 30 minutes after lift-off. [6] It was to be used when velocity, altitude, and distance downrange did not allow return to the launch point by RTLS . It was also to be used when a less time-critical failure did not require the faster but more dangerous RTLS abort.

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