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Ricky Nelson was an American singer-songwriter. His discography comprises thirty-six albums and ninety-one singles .

"We would keep up the front of this totally problemless, happy-go-lucky group," he said. "There might have been a tremendous battle in our home, but if someone from outside came in, it would be as if the director yelled, 'Roll 'em,' We'd fall right into our stage roles.

All during this period, Kris acknowledges, Sam rarely saw his father. “Sam was very little, and Rick was in a terrible condition at the time.” So was Kris. “I looked awful. I wanted to go to the Betty Ford clinic [for treatment], but I had the feeling that if I checked myself into a hospital my parents would try to take my child. So I didn’t.” But in 1983, a therapist told her to “get yourself to AA.” She did. “And since then,” she says, “I have been totally sober and off hard drugs”—a statement some members of the Harmon family emphatically dispute.

In 2009, John Fogerty recorded the song with the Eagles' Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmit , for his The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again album.

Monday night, when the band arrived at .’s, Upton noticed a strange odor. “I thought there was a dead rat somewhere,” he says. The show was delayed while an amplifier was fixed, but otherwise the evening’s performance went on without a hitch. Nelson closed the show with Rave On, the song by Buddy Holly, the early rock hero who died at 22 in a 1959 plane crash. Responding to calls for more, Ricky walked out on stage twice to take a bow. His last words to the crowd were “Rave on for me.”

Ricky Nelson Rick Nelson Sings For YouRicky Nelson Rick Nelson Sings For YouRicky Nelson Rick Nelson Sings For YouRicky Nelson Rick Nelson Sings For You