Whodini the whodini electro 5 track ep - Boogie Boys - A Fly Girl - YouTube

6. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Blank & Jones so8os Reconstruction) 15:59

"There was no concept of charts and no concept of airplay," says LL Cool J, describing the landscape for Run-DMC's 1986 tour, which featured LL, the Beastie Boys, Whodini and others as openers. That underground status changed two months into the tour, when Run-DMC had a breakout MTV hit with their Aerosmith collaboration "Walk This Way," from their Raising Hell album. "Motherfuckers in the front row started looking like the Ramones and Cyndi Lauper," says DMC of the new white fans who came to check out their shows. "We got a bunch of Madonnas asking for autographs." DMC also noticed that cross-cultural appeal working the other way as a predominantly black audience embraced the tour's beer-spraying opening act, the Beastie Boys, then months away from releasing their debut LP, Licensed to Ill. "The Beasties were crazy," recalls rapper Ecstasy of Whodini. "They created an illusion that they were happy-go-lucky and careless, but they were on top of their shit. They were the white Run-DMC." Competition among the artists was fierce. "I wanted to chain-saw the audience," says LL Cool J, who was 18 years old at the time. Toward the end of the tour, a riot at a show in Long Beach, California, provided fuel for negative media coverage. But Raising Hell' s positive legacy is undeniable. As DMC says today, "When Obama first got elected, all my white friends said, 'That's because of what Run-DMC did.'" .

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This new school style had been similarly done almost a year previously on the multi-million selling debut albums by . Cool J and the Beastie Boys , as many groups had already turned to the kind of rap and rock music that crossed over easily, and Open Sesame failed to produce any real hits.

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Whodini The Whodini Electro 5 Track EPWhodini The Whodini Electro 5 Track EPWhodini The Whodini Electro 5 Track EPWhodini The Whodini Electro 5 Track EP