Donald smythe hurricanes where love goes you can run - Schenn gets winner in Blues win over Hurricanes - Article.

2. "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (1949) by George Orwell
Generally considered to be the classic dystopian novel. The last sentence haunted me for weeks after I finished it. Although the world Orwell creates remains both ingenious and culturally relevant, with its absent Big Brother and linguistic hygiene, it is his characters that make "Nineteen Eighty-Four" such a memorable novel. They turn on each other, they fear and weep and feel terrible pain. Winston Smith is not a hero. He is broken by Room 101 and finally indoctrinated by the system he has tried in vain to fight. His happy ending is his total surrender to Big Brother, and his emotional betrayal of his lover, Julia. Dystopian settings like Airstrip One force characters to their limits, allowing you to see sides of them you might never otherwise have seen - their weaknesses, their breaking points. They are always in extremis, always on the edge: of sanity, of safety, of survival.

In total, 230 players were drafted over 14 rounds of selections, including 126 forwards, 83 defencemen and 21 goaltenders.

Donald Smythe Hurricanes Where Love Goes You Can Run