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The price in the shop is only there to cover the work / DVD media / deilvery (and NONE of that money comes to me!), so it still remains freeware / donationware!

The service was good,  and the gabions were easy to assemble. Very helpful staff (thanks for help with the pick up Lisa).

Routers you eventually buy using the new Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform probably won’t look like this cylindrical tower. The reference design packs in everything it can possible support, after all; Qualcomm was also mindful of heat management, I’m told, because the designers wanted it to be fanless, too. Like Amazon’s original Echo, the tower form-factor also helps keep the microphone array high up off whatever table the router is placed on, improving its performance.

Click the Image above to play a little video showing a few of the many features of MegaFiers . Introduction. MegaFiers is a complete and very advanced mesh deformation ...

Otherwise, I would suggest you to try to use two nrf51 or 52 DK's if you have them. It is possible to try the Light Switch Example in the Mesh SDK using only two DK's instead of four (. one server & one client). I will get back to you with more information once I have it.

Of A Mesh Of A Mesh Demo 1985 07Of A Mesh Of A Mesh Demo 1985 07Of A Mesh Of A Mesh Demo 1985 07Of A Mesh Of A Mesh Demo 1985 07