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One of the most poignant moments of any Peanuts cartoon comes when downtrodden Charlie Brown opens his Halloween goodie sack and discovers he’s been given rocks instead of candy. According to Schulz, this so angered viewers that for years his California office was inundated with sacks of treats addressed to the character.

NPR marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark . Supreme Court ruling ending school segregation with a series of reports on the legacy of ' Brown v. Board of ...

When negotiations with the Scots stalled, Charles authorised General Montrose to land in the Orkney Islands with a small army to threaten the Scots with invasion, in the hope of forcing an agreement more to his liking. Montrose feared that Charles would accept a compromise, and so chose to invade mainland Scotland anyway. He was captured and executed. Charles reluctantly promised that he would abide by the terms of a treaty agreed between him and the Scots Parliament at Breda , and support the Solemn League and Covenant , which authorised Presbyterian church governance across Britain. Upon his arrival in Scotland on 23 June 1650, he formally agreed to the Covenant; his abandonment of Episcopal church governance, although winning him support in Scotland, left him unpopular in England. Charles himself soon came to despise the "villainy" and "hypocrisy" of the Covenanters. [10]

Snoopy, Come Home is a 1972 film about Snoopy's travels to see his sick former owner and how he then feels obliged to return to her permanently. It is the sequel to A Boy Named Charlie Brown .

Written with meticulous character detail, this suspenseful, funny and entertaining adventure follows Pip's "educational" and eventful life ultimately leading to the true source of his "Great Expectations".

Peanuts Sunday strips were often titled Peanuts Featuring Good Ol' Charlie Brown . Schulz later stated that he had wanted to name the strip Good Ol' Charlie Brown but that the name Peanuts was chosen by the cartoon syndicate instead; as a result, some people inferred that Charlie Brown's nickname was "Peanuts". Schulz suggested the Sunday title as a clarification device. (Note that the phrase "good ol' Charlie Brown" is said in the first strip two times by Shermy .)

Over the years, something changed in the man who said: "I preach in these cartoons, and I reserve the same rights to say what I want to say as the minister in the pulpit."

During the 1990s he considered himself a secular humanist and said he didn't go to church anymore. "I do not go to church anymore. I guess you might say I've come around to secular humanism, an obligation I believe all humans have to others and the world we live in." No matter what happened spiritually to Schultz, the medium he used to share the Gospel without bashing people over the head inspired generations.

Charles Brown The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your HeartCharles Brown The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your HeartCharles Brown The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your HeartCharles Brown The Great Charles Brown That Will Grip Your Heart